Altair to the Sea from John GussmanFollow four kayakers on a journey through the former Elwha Dam Site. John Gussman ( records the trip from the Altair Bridge to the Mouth of the Elwha River. The majority of this trip will be offered as a commercial raft trip this summer 2014, the Elwha Dam Site 'Dam Drop' will be our HIGH ADVENTURE add-on to our existing Class II/III Elwha Trip.

Dam Removal, Restoration, and RECREATION!

As the Salmon return, recreation also returns on the Elwha.  Watch closely at 1:23, you can spot a Salmon jumping up the rapid (lower left/center on screen)


From NPS Website

Join Us this summer 2014 as we once again embark on a journey down a small river with a big story!  Our Class II/III section of the Elwha will once again begin INSIDE Olympic National Park, we are proud to offer the only river trip inside the National Park.  Our exclusive commercial launch site is right below the remnants of Glines Canyon Dam (work continues on the removal of this dam).


P1030940 Panorama

Photo by John Gussman

We will raft through the narrow channels of the Elwha River through the pristine forests of the Elwha Valley.  As 100 years worth of sediment & woody debris have descended down the river from the removal of two dams (the largest dam removal project in United States history) the geology of the Elwha is a giant classroom waiting to teach a lesson in restoration.River Map


Photo by John Gussman

See first hand the changes in forest habit, river hydrology, and don’t forget keep your eyes opening as the Salmon have returned after 100 years of being blocked by Elwha Dam, it is quite a site to see these magical fish return to feed a river with offspring and nutrients that will go on to nourish the entire forest along with other wildlife benefitting directly from the spawning fish.  Bald Eagles, River Otter, Black Bear, to name a few, have started to return in stronger numbers than ever. 


Our HIGH ADVENTURE portion of the trip will continue through former Lake Aldwell, the river is finding its path through a former lake bed and giant forest that once stood here and will grow once again.elwha_article-4.1

The river meanders through the lake bed offering Class II+ whitewater with challenging navigation through woody debris, as the river approaches the Elwha Canyon and the former Elwha Dam Site it becomes narrow and powerful.River Mapelwha.canyon.raft

The river makes a hard left as it begins the ‘Dam Drop’.  This is a Class IV+ ledge drop that offers paddlers a genuine Olympic Peninsula Challenge!  Once paddlers successfully navigate the ‘Dam Drop’ we will continue through the canyon to our take out location.



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