Getting Scientific on the Elwha River

The Colonel’s Cave – Getting Scientific on the Elwha River

Since the dam removal project began, we have had the opportunity to take a variety of people down the river who are directly involved with the project. It has been quite interesting hearing facts, opinions, & theories from different groups & different people.

Elwha River

Olympic National Park Elwha River

As we hear the different theories on how the river will reshape itself, we sit back and watch the river change right in front of our eyes. The changes that are occurring on the Elwha are not only unique to this river but are unique to rivers around the world and are drastically changing the landscape that surrounds the river.

Salmon on the Elwha River

The amount of sediment and woody debris moving down the river is beyond comprehension and can only be experienced by visiting the river itself.

Science on the Elwha River



About 100 years worth of sediment & woody debris is free to continue its natural path down the river after getting trapped behind the dams. (National Park Service Photos)

Not to mention the debris left behind by residents & tourists who enjoyed recreation on the two reservoirs, hear more about that in a future post ‘Dam Abuse: Sending A River to Rehab.’ Find out more information at Olympic National Park’s Elwha Restoration Website and Facebook page.

Scientists on the Elwha River

Organizations such as NOAA, USGS, & the NPS, to name a few. have sent their teams to research, plan, and help restore this river to its former glory!

Bedrock of the Elwha River

The Colonel’s Cave – Getting Scientific on the Elwha River

Uncovering bed rock that has not seen daylight in almost a century, creating exciting new rapids under and in the water!

Landscape of the Elwha River

The river is showing its true power by the way it is shaping the surrounding landscape.

Elwha River Restoration Project Effects

Bank erosion on the Elwha River

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