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Burn III_logo

The third generation Burn is the latest in Pyranha’s long line of cutting edge river runners. Paddlers have come to rely on the Burn’s combination of playful hull, precise edges and forgiving deck profile for everything from the beginnings of whitewater to Class V creeks.

The new Burn refines these features further to give you more speed and drive, more precise tracking in turbulent water and effortless boofs. The Burn’s combination of stability and precision make it a proven all round performer–whether you are a beginner running Class II or an expert firing up big drops.

The People’s Boat –

The ancestors of the Burn were tough creekers, the new one has been given the genes of a river runner. The bow and hull have been further developed. Additional length, clearer edges, more rocker in the bow and little volume adjustment. To the eyes, there are no big changes, but on whitewater you feel the difference. The Burn sits fantastically flush and steady in the water, giving safety and stability at once. There is hardly another kayak in this size class that is faster on a wave. The revised Connect outfitting is top class! The Burn III has aluminium handles, the seat is easy to adjust and tailor. Foam allows you to adjust the seat angle and height. Summary: Less creeker, more river runner and as comfortable as always. One for almost everyone and everything!

CKUK Mag – Burn 3 Review

The Burn 3 does a great job of following on from, and pushing forwards, the legacy of its predecessors. Its balance of versatility and performance sets a very high standard that will offer a huge amount to a broad range of whitewater paddlers. We loved the fact that it gives you a desire to push, due to the deadly accuracy and control that it supplies, which only enhances a really tangible sense of confidence when in the cockpit.

RETAIL:  $1,199



Sickline, Green Race, WW Grand Prix – The 9R is the first modern race kayak aimed squarely at the short boat class of extreme races the world over.

Blazing fast, precise and forgiving, the 9R sets the standard against which all others will be judged. Narrow entry and asymmetric plan for speed. Edge for precision. High bow, tailored rocker and volume distribution keep you on top of the water in control and in the lead. Setting the pace. R is for Race.


RETAIL:  $1,249




The Nano is a short river running boat with a playful nature, it has influences from Shiva, Jed and Burn make for a super manoeuvrable, compact boat with creek potential, it has the ability to run harder lines as well as open up play spots on your favourite river.

Aspiring paddlers will enjoy taking it down their local run, eddy hopping and pushing the technical aspects of the river, its stable and easy to roll to inspire confidence and hull allows plenty of play opportunities.

More advanced paddlers might like to take it on steeper, more demanding rivers that they know to push themselves a bit harder, or explore parts of the river that a bigger boat can’t reach. The flatter hull will also allow them to play on features on the way down, rock splat and spin.

RETAIL:  $1,199


Ultimate Steep Creeker

The Shiva has a rounded hull, soft stern chines, a high bow rocker and loads of volume in the bow and stern.

These features give you softer landings on big drops, rear driving force when you want it, awesome boofability and resurfacing capability. The rounded & high deck, with a high centre of volume, countering a low centre of gravity for easy rollability.

If you are running big drops and pushing harder lines the Shiva is the one you want.

If you are an intermediate to advanced whitwater paddler, looking for a confidence inspiring kayak to take that next step and push yourself to go steeper the we think you could really get along with Shiva.
Canoe and Kayak Magazine UK


RETAIL:  $1,199



Designed for world class wave and hole performance; Jed is loose, fast and super easy to initiate from basic moves to trophy combos.

Beginners to freestyle and recreational play boaters will love its easy initiation, competitors will be throwing bigger, faster combos than before.





Adventure Touring

Islay 14 & 14 LVcat_islay

The Venture Islay is the next wave of small touring kayaks. Taking design cues from P&H’s ground-breaking Delphin, the Islay sets a new standard for the category.

The Islay features a long waterline for speed and tracking and an asymmetric hull that is nimble on edge. Solid stability gives beginning paddlers plenty of confidence and a roomy cockpit makes for comfortable all-day seating.

RETAIL:  $1,199  USED:  $899


Easky 15 & 15 LVcat_e15lv_ts

A well-known tourer with traditional British sea kayak pedigree the Easky 15 is fast, holds a line well and will handle rougher waters with ease.

At home on a coastal adventure or exploring a lake or inland waterway there is enough storage space for overnight trips.

A comfortable cockpit combined with a stable hull shape provides the performance potential to help you develop skills with confidence.

RETAIL:  $1,099  USED:  $799


Jura – Performance Touringcat_jura_ts

Whether you’re a first time kayaker or a seasoned hand on the sea, the Jura is sure to bring a smile to your face.

The Jura is a stable, forgiving sea kayak that is at home on everything from coastal tours to short expeditions. Designed to introduce beginning paddlers to kayak touring and then grow with them as their skills develop, the Jura’s neutral hull tracks straight, yet is nimble on edge.

This high-performance kayak comes standard with Venture’s innovative new under-stern Skudder® system that functions as both a skeg and a rudder, depending on conditions.

RETAIL:  $1,599  USED:  $1299

Performance Touring

Delphin 150 & 155 (standard/surf models)delphin155_ts

The most exciting thing to happen to Sea Kayaking in years!

This new P&H Delphin 155 turns traditional sea kayak design on its head and challenges many preconceived ideas of how a sea kayak should look and behave. The cockpit has been move backwards and the stern squared off so the bow just kisses the water, but when paddling the stern engages and aids tracking. This combination is unique to the Delphin creating a kayak that is long enough to paddle like a traditional sea kayak on flat water with enough speed to keep up with the pack but will transform into a new genre of free-ride sea kayak when it hits moving water, coming alive in tide races, over falls and surging water.

RETAIL:  $1,899


Aries 150 & 155aries150_ts

The Aries takes the dramatically different design features and benefits from the Delphin and refines them for composite material systems and for the lower impact environment where composite kayaks excel. Hard chines and a pronounced deck are smoothed, producing a very forgiving, speedy and lighter weight kayak.

The Aries is ideal for anyone looking for a versatile, lightweight and stable kayak to explore the coast line and will excite those looking for a kayak to trip out to tide races to play the sea. The Aries will cater for the day paddler and those that weekend from their kayak will not be disappointed.

RETAIL:  $3,899


Scorpio & Scorpio LVscorpioLV_ts

Just like its composite brother the Scorpio provides a very efficient hull shape that is super stable and very easy to control.

With a round chined and slightly V’d hull and generous bow rocker the Scorpio runs with waves like no other polyethylene kayak out there. The Scorpio is a design that will suit both the professional sea kayak user and the individual owner who are looking for a stable and fast kayak for more exposed conditions with greater all round durability than the composite version.

Available in two sizes the Scorpio LV is finely tuned to maximize performance for lighter paddlers.

RETAIL:  $1,899


Cetus LV, MV, HVcetus_ts

Fast paced and responsive and really easy to carve and turn, this is the middle ground for those who want a bit of extra volume but are too light for the original Cetus. Perfect for new comers and experts to launch their adventures, the Cetus MV has superb stability in all conditions and the ability to inspire confidence is remarkable and truly unrivaled by any other sea kayak out there.

P&H’s handcrafted quality is on show here in its finest form. The MV has all the load carrying capabilities of the original Cetus with its two main hatches plus spacious day hatch and deck pod there is plenty of room for all your kit for an overnight stay or longer.

The Cetus is also available as the Cetus HV and Cetus LV

RETAIL:  $3,899