Whitewater Kayak Instruction

Whitewater Kayak Instruction

Liquid Mountain Adventure — Youth Paddle Sports Program

sheer.madness.productionsWhitewater For Women, By Women!

2 day Women’s Whitewater Camp taught by professional kayaker and ACA Instructor, Heather Herbeck


Course Requirements:  Good health and a positive attitude
Price:  $250 (all equipment provided)
Length:  2 Days
This course is similar to our three-day beginning kayak instruction, only condensed into two days. It is designed for the beginning kayaker who does not have time to commit to three consecutive days and feels comfortable moving at an accelerated pace.RESERVE YOUR SPOT TODAY!

The goal of the course is to provide novice kayakers with the fundamental skills to begin kayaking on Class I and II whitewater. This includes:Whitewater Campers

Outfitting a kayak
Wet exits
T-rescues, swimming and self-rescue
Body positioning
Stroke, edging and bracing techniques
Reading rivers and hydrology
Eddy turns, peel-outs and ferrying across the current
Scouting rapids
Basic safety precautions
Paddling through class I-II whitewater

What happens during the Rapid Progression Kayak Course?

On the first day, we will introduce students to the basic equipment necessary for kayaking and assist with equipment selection and boat fitting. We will then spend time in our private pool learning the basics of safe boat exit and practicing the fundamentals for the combat roll progression. This will also be the students first time exploring edge control and balance through exercises and drills.

After the pool session, we are off to the lake to work on the basics of kayak handling and maneuvering. 

The second day of the course is spent on one of the rivers of the Olympic Peninsula developing fundamental paddling skills. Progressing from slow moving water to class II whitewater, we will practice basic boat handling, eddy-turns, peel-outs, ferrying, water reading, self-rescue techniques, scouting and safe paddling techniques.

Our Instructors

At Olympic Raft & Kayak, we believe good instruction is the key to success for new kayakers. We maintain a teacher to student ratio of 1:5, or less, to allow for plenty of individualized attention. Our courses our ACA Instructor lead courses.  Our instructors conclude the course with a personal summary of your progression over the 2 days, which you can take home. He or she will review skills learned and highlight areas to work on in the future. We will also provide you with resources to continue this incredible sport on your own, including coupons for gear and lists of local clubs and organizations.

Mostly, we want to share our passion and enthusiasm for whitewater kayaking with you.

Your course includes all equipment necessary (although feel free to bring your own if you have it), lunch and transportation.


Olympic Raft & Kayak believes that excellent coaching is the key to the foundation of paddling. Our instructors will work with each individual to achieve their goals in the paddling world, from basic paddling skills to rescues and learning to roll or confidence building, we will coach you through the steps to become a successful paddler.

Private Rolling 90 minutesWhitewater Kayak Roll Instruction

FEE: $75.00 (90 minutes)

Dates: Call us at the office to find out about upcoming dates or to set up a private session.

(360) 452-1443

Prerequisites: Comfortable with water, some very basic kayak skills.

Rolling your kayak is part of the foundation for the skills you need to be a successful paddler. Once you have a successful roll, your skills and confidence tend to increase. Our instructors will take you through the basic steps for you to gain confidence under water and the skills to roll back up!

These private sessions can be customized to the students’ abilities and needs.

1-ON-1 session: $60.00 per hour, 3-hour minimum

1-ON-2 session: $45.00 per hour per person, 3-hour minimum

If you would like to customize your learning please call us to inquire. (clinics that involve more extensive travel and logistics may incur additional costs)

IMG_1196Already know how to whitewater kayak but like the idea of having a local professional guide show you down the river?  Our professional whitewater kayaking guides will show you the lines down the river, share local knowledge about the area, and assists with boat/gear transportation, all you have to worry about is having fun!  On these trips we focus more on enjoying the river and less on instruction but our guides are happy to share pointers as you go down the river. 

Guests are encouraged to have their own equipment, previous whitewater kayaking experience required, and must be confident swimmers.  If you are traveling and/or need equipment contact us for availability.

Price:  $120/day (ages 12+)  Please Call to Reserve a Guided WW Kayak Trip Today!  888-452-1443

Whitewater Kayak the Olympic Peninsula

Intermediate Whitewater Kayaking

Let’s run some bigger rapids! Be prepared to get wet as we run the river and hone our skills. We will practice more advanced strokes, while having fun. If you have your roll down, get ready to play in the eddy lines, and start surfing.  Prerequisites:  Our 2/3 day beginners camp or equivalent
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